Evergreen Jewelry (“Grünzeugschmuck”)

Seemingly freshly picked from nature, “Evergreen” jewelry (“Grünzeugschmuck”) are festive jewelry pieces that can be worn the whole year through. It is “wearable nature” made from natural materials.

The idea for my green jewelry came to me in the Spring time, the season in which everything begins to grow and bloom. I am fascinated by nature's new beginnings that have all hope and power stored up in them. In my jewelry I try to capture and recreate the moment of the unleashing and blossoming of this pent-up energy.

I’m interested in the contrast of strength to fragility of nature.
To create a fantasy world with a sense of humor is what I want.
I love simple, clear and surprising forms. The materials I‘m working with are silver, pearls, plastic and different precious stones.
I really love the pearls with the irregular, organic shapes. They seem to be a living being with a glamorous and magic vibrancy. I like to use them in combination with the green pieces of plants because they increase each other.

Dorothea Dähnick
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The Netherlands
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Dorothea Dähnick